Fall(ing apart)

Fall(ing apart)

Our next journey circle will be the day after the midterm elections in the US, which seems a perfect time to come together to journey. 

To my mind, spirituality isn’t here to “magic” us up and out of the challenges of our lives but functions best when it enables us to meet challenges with clarity, steadfastness–and Goddess willing–humor.

I’ve been thinking a lot about falling apart this past week as I lay in bed watching the leaves fall from the trees. For three days, I was in the grip of a splitting headache. 

In this state of protracted pain, all of the emotional baggage I’ve been carrying around (and apparently suppressing) came out of hiding, demanding to be felt and acknowledged. 

I was reduced by a mild bug (not covid, mind you) to a snotty, tearful, helpless mess. You might say I was brought into unwanted intimacy with the most frightened parts of myself. 

The season of fall, beautiful though it may be, and this season of falling apart in which we find ourselves as a nation, is a time of loss. As the leaves and our illusions drop to the ground, we cannot help but feel frightened and vulnerable. 

We have a choice in this season of fall(ing apart): divide the world into “us” vs “them,” or feel the fear we share in common as the old forms die and drop to the earth from the sky.

On the other side of this brief illness, I feel simpler. Spare. And a hell of a lot more real. 

But more than that, I feel renewed hope.

Like leaves that fall to earth to nourish the soil and roots for the emergence of new life, the losses we face in the coming season hold promise for spurring us to action that we might feed the roots of our nation with lives made simple, spare, and more real.

Such is the wisdom of the fall and of falling apart.


Our free online journey circle this week will be held on Wednesday, November 9, from 4-6 pm PST/7-9 pm EST

Feel free to email me at anna “at” gaiaanimism “dot” com for this week’s zoom invitation.  All skill levels are welcome.

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